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Celebrating Hand Therapy Week!

Hand Therapy Week is an integrated national program established by the American Society of Hand Therapists ™ (ASHT) to raise awareness of the advanced specialty training and skills hand therapists provide in treating issues of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Hand therapy practitioners focus… [read full article]

Spring allergies…

Achoo…. Bless you! It’s that time of the year when allergies roar and cause you to sniffle and sneeze. As warm weather approaches, plants and trees begin to bloom bringing pollen to the air causing a nightmare for allergy suffers.  To help guide you through… [read full article]

Testimonial by Jeffry…

Each one of us has a story…we would like to thank Jeffry for taking time to record his gratification towards our clinic, doctors, and therapists. At Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin, each member of our clinic-family totally appreciates your kind words. Thank you again…. [read full article]