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The ABCs of ASCs

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), often referred to as outpatient surgery centers or same day surgery centers are medical facilities designed and equipped to perform surgical procedures not requiring overnight hospital stays. They were established in 1970 when two physicians in Phoenix, Arizona saw a need for high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to inpatient hospital care. Since then, ASCs have flourished and have become today’s modern health care facilities that offer a more convenient alternative to hospital-based surgical procedures.

Why choose an ASC?

 Affordability: ASCs provide cost-effective services while ensuring patients have the best surgical experience possible. They are highly specialized and efficient in the procedures they perform and function on a much smaller scale then full-service hospitals which allows for services at a lower cost. Patients typically can expect a savings of up to 20 to 50 percent compared to the same procedure at a local hospital. Which in turn reduces out-of-pocket expenses for the patient.

In addition, coinsurance is often less for procedures performed at ASCs than comparable procedures in a hospital setting.

Better Outcomes: With physicians taking the lead and offering ASC facilities nationwide, physicians have more control over their schedules and performing procedures more efficiently. Patients typically see shorter wait-times for surgery scheduling, recovery is faster and the infection rate is reduced when surgeries are performed in an ASC setting versus a hospital.

Specialized, highly-trained staff personnel ensure equipment and supplies are tailored to the specific case and needs of the patient, allowing for maximum specialization to patient-doctor interaction. Physicians also personally direct innovative strategies for quality care, therefore allowing for faster recovery time.  Simply stated, physicians and their specialized, highly-trained staff have found ASCs provide autonomy over their work environment and over the quality of care, providing patients with the reassurance of success as they face surgical decisions.

Commitment to Convenience and Quality: ASCs offer a more private level of personalized medical services and conveniences that hospital operating rooms cannot. ASCs do not have the challenge of operating on a 24/7 schedule needing to handle any type of illness or injury that presents. ASC surgical schedules often go as planned with no disruptions. The nursing staff in pre-op are often the same nurses caring for you during your recovery time, which provides you with personalized care for concerns or questions post-surgical. Onsite nurses already are aware of your situation and medical background which ensures you are receiving highly personalized service and the best possible experience.

As our nation struggles to improve our troubled and costly health care system, it is important to review all the possibilities and benefits that are available to you, the consumer. If you are planning an upcoming surgery, and your physician verifies you qualify for an ASC procedure, it is well worth looking into.

For all hand to shoulder injuries and conditions that require a surgical procedure, we offer Woodland Surgery Center, the onsite ASC for Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin. Woodland is a patient-friendly facility with a warm, natural setting and calming atmosphere. The family waiting and recovery areas overlook one of the three ponds on the grounds, adding tranquility to the recovery process.

Woodland is licensed and accredited by Medicare and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and provide patients with exceptional healthcare services. All procedures are performed in collaboration with a highly qualified team of anesthesiologist and specialty-trained surgical staff.


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