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Patient Testimonials

Just before our daughter Emery turned two she broke her right elbow, after a trip to the ER we were referred to an Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant. She waivered on her treatment and decided not to do surgery, our confidence was just not there. A year later this past April she re-broke it. I was away and my husband took her to the ER, Dr. Butler happened to be there on another call late on a Saturday night. They wanted to refer her back to the PA but he happened to see her X-ray and offered to take her. Late into the night he called us with information on her surgery. He did the surgery first thing the next morning and the experience was so calming, our confidence was restored! He was patient with her and his bedside manner is wonderful. Less than a week after her cast came off she did it again, this time to her other elbow, we could hardly believe it; back to the ER we went. I asked for him again but in the ER they said his schedule was full. While in the waiting room I called his office and let him know and he called back within minutes and said he would move things around and fit her in first thing in the morning for surgery again. Just as in the first case, he was wonderful. Every visit to the office was a pleasure, even when she was being difficult, as three year olds do. He is incredibly knowledgeable and shares info in a way that is easy to understand. The entire team is wonderful. I can't speak enough to how lucky we were to have found him through this. I hope to never have to experience another broken bone in our family, but if we do, no hesitation, I know right where we will go. Thank you Dr. Butler and staff!
Jesse Powell
Greenville, WI
When I lived in Illinois, I was diagnosed with Dupuytren's contracture on my left hand pinkie. It developed slowly over several years. When it finally reached an inconvenient stage, I reviewed options with my doctor. Xiaflex injections were recommended over surgery. The injection process was very painful and did not completely straighten my pinkie but it was better. Unfortunately the process did not eliminate the contracture and it returned within two years time.

I had moved to Wisconsin in 2014 and when my conditioned worsened. I met with Dr. Scott Olvey of the Hand to Shoulder Center in early 2016. He reviewed my history and recommended surgery. The surgical procedure was completely successful and my finger is straight with no indication of the contracture returning.

Maybe I should have had the surgery the first time but I am thankful Dr. Olvey convinced me that the operation was the best alternative and now my hand is a good as ever.
Gene Paradiso
Sherwood, WI
My name is Jack Heinzl from Green Bay Wisconsin. I believe that my wife was the first right and left reverse shoulder replacement which was performed by Dr. VanZeeland in 2010 and 2011. He literally saved her life. She had horrible arthritis in both shoulders and the MRIs looked like a bomb went off to quote Dr. Van Zeeland. She had been in moderate to severe pain for years and within three months following each surgery with the assistance of physical therapy she had excellent range of motion and was free of pain. We could not have asked for better bedside manner and the ability to answer all questions.

In October 2016 I had a flu shot accident leaving me with a very sore arm and poor range of motion that had not significantly improved by August of 2017. My personal doctor in Green Bay referred me to Dr. Van Zeeland per my request. Dr. Van Zeeland did x-rays that were negative and reassured me that this was probably tendinitis and that I could have a cortisone shot but only if this did not resolve by Christmas Of 2017. It is finally slowly resolving and I anticipate a complete recovery by January of 2018.

What I like about him is his conservative approach, his sense of humor, his patient willingness to answer questions and his competency as well as reassurance that I would probably have complete use of my arm. I could not be happier with your entire hand and shoulder clinic including Dr. Van Zeeland.
Jack Heinzl
Green Bay
I struggled with the decision to have surgery because I am a pianist. I wasn’t sure how my playing would be affected post-surgery. What finally pushed me to proceed was the realization that my playing already WAS affected and surgery might make things better. In fact, playing on a regular basis has helped with my joint rehabilitation. Doing the exercises my therapist prescribed has also helped tremendously and I am healing ahead of schedule.

Dr. Van Zeeland, his nurse Jeanne and my therapists, Cassie and Maureen have been just stellar. I highly recommend the Hand to Shoulder Center and will visit them again soon to have surgery on my other thumb. I know that I will be well taken care of and there will be a good result.
Cyndee Giebler
About 2 years ago I was referred to your facility with only some hope of finding out what was wrong with my hand. My hand stumped about 6 different doctors as to what was wrong with it. Needless to say Dr. Olvey was able to figure it out after he did a scope on my hand. Since then I have had no more trouble with my hand. I am grateful that your facility was able to help me. I give permission for my case to be used to help others heal as well. I praise your facility a lot for me being able to pursue the career path I wanted. If it wouldn't have been for your facility I wouldn't be able to pursue a journalism major. You don't realize how much a hand is worth until it hurts to do anything you have to or even want to do. I'm doing well with my hand and I can barely see the scars anymore.
Jannie Boulanger
I can do all the things I thought I would never be able to do again... you have given me back my lifestyle
Diane E.
The team at Hand to Shoulder of Wisconsin has always provided excellent care for my occupational medicine patients. They understand the occupational medicine issues and keep patients as functional as possible during their recovery phase. I am kept up to date with records following each visit, and the physicians are available to answer any questions. I make referrals to this group with confidence that patients will be very satisfied with their experience.
Dr. Dumas
I received fantastic diagnosis and treatment at the Hand to Shoulder Center. I had broken a bone in my hand which was unfortunately not diagnosed by the urgent care physician that I saw about an hour after the injury. Five weeks later when I realized that the injury was something more than a sprain, I made an appointment with Dr. Lumsden. He immediately diagnosed a broken bone and confirmed the diagnosis with an X-ray, in the span of about three minutes. Impressive, to say the least! Also impressive is Dr. Lumsden's skill as a surgeon by which he removed the broken bone and fixed a damaged tendon. The surgery was successful and my hand is doing very well.

For my rehabilitation after the surgery, I worked with Connie, a wonderful physical therapist who somehow achieves great improvements in function, with no discomfort. The surgical staff was also top-notch. I decided to utilize the Hand to Shoulder Center because I previously had hand surgery there for another injury and had great results then, as well.

I have the utmost confidence in the people that I worked with at the Hand to Shoulder Center and I will continue to recommend them to others when the opportunity arises.
Suzanne B.
As an emergency physician at Theda Clark Emergency Department and Trauma Center I have had the pleasure of working with the physicians of Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin for the last thirteen years. They have taken care of my patients with the most complex traumatic injuries from industrial accidents to snow-blower injuries with results that I am thoroughly impressed with. They have taken extremities that I thought would never be useable again and given incredible functional outcomes. I also know that they pride themselves in caring for the whole patient as two of my family members have been the beneficiaries of their skills. I trust the care of my patients to the physicians of Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin and you should too.

Christopher Hugo, MD
Emergency Physician
Medical Director Theda Clark Emergency Department
Dr. Hugo
Shortly after I fractured my left elbow in a fall on 5/18/17, I was referred to the Hand To Shoulder Center of Wisconsin by Dr. Clay Canaday, an orthopedic physician.

Once the Shoulder Center was referred to me, the center wasted NO time in calling me! Krista, Dr. Cullen’s nurse, immediately arranged for me to have a CT scan to supplement the x-rays taken in the emergency room on 5/18. Krista and the billing staff were able to cut through all of the red tape with my insurance company PRONTO, and my CT scan was approved for the following week, on Monday, 5/22! To put this in perspective, Shawano Medical Center had said the CT scan approval could take up to two weeks!

Once the CT was read, my surgery was scheduled for the following Thursday, 5/18 in at Theda Clark in Neenah, WI.

My neighbor across the street from me drove me to the hospital that morning, and I was full of trepidation! But as soon as I was prepped for surgery, Dr. Cullen quickly allayed all of my fears with his fantastic bedside manner and by answering all of my questions!

I then saw the anesthesiologist, who explained I would get a nerve block via a shot.

After the 1 and ½ hour surgery, I saw Dr. Cullen again in recovery, and I told him that he had about the BEST bedside manner that I had EVER seen in any physician! And that’s really saying something, since I have had 3 bouts with uterine sarcoma and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, plus many, many other doctor visits in my life!

A day after my surgery, I had a pressing concern late at night, and Dr. Cullen called me back within MINUTES! I was so impressed and grateful.

My next visit with Dr. Cullen was on 6/5, and at that time I was given an x-ray and saw the 2 large screws that had been inserted to repair my fractured capitellum.

The office was very clean, and everyone was very professional and courteous. They even have free coffee for patients, family and guests!

Then, I also had the great fortune to be assigned to a wonderful CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) named Maureen. It turned out that we had a LOT in common, as she had once wanted to work in pottery. I also found out that she and I had both lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1970s!

Maureen made a perfectly fitting splint for me after I was carefully measured with a protractor to determine the percentages of motion I had with my left arm as compared with my uninjured right one. We went through various exercise and she gave me a print out of them to perform 4 times per day at home, with 10 reps each.

I just CAN’T say enough about Dr. Cullen, his nurse and the entire staff at Hand To Shoulder Center of Wisconsin!
I feel very lucky to have been referred there and to have received top-notch medical treatment!
Candace Kosinski
Cecil, WI
My experience coming to the Hand to Shoulder Center has been extremely positive for me. I had gone to other clinics that I thought were positive until I came here and saw what a difference it made in the individualized care and the focus of my situation? How inappropriate the other ones had been. In my estimation they were just very lacking. What I found here was that there was a heavy focus on patient education. I did not find that at other clinics. I found that my involvement in my own diagnosis and the explanation of the exercises and therapy that was receiving was primarily the main difference that I saw.

One of the things that I felt was critical was the plan that was made with the therapist. At the other clinic there was not a plan. We tried this and we tried that. It seems more hodge podge. At the Hand to Shoulder Center a plan was made of how I was going to get from a disability to an ability to use my muscle correctly. So, the heavy focus on patient education, the plan that was made, and the accommodating to my schedule when I needed the help the most. If I would have a flare up and would call the clinic, I got an immediate response from a voice mail. A call was returned that same day, always, and I was able to get in to get help when I was having the most pain. Those are the three things that I think were critical for my care and improvement. Again, just the personalized care for my own needs was the most beneficial to me.
After an industrial work accident in which my right arm was amputated, I underwent approximately eighteen hours of surgery over the course of three days, in which time Dr. Scott Olvey was able to re-attach my right arm. The careful explanation detailing my injuries and subsequent surgeries were explained to my family and me in great detail by Dr. Olvey-from what procedures were performed, as well as honest, straightforward opinions as to exactly what I was facing in regards to physical recovery. Upon my release from the hospital after a stay of nearly three weeks, I began an extensive routine of physical/occupational therapy that lasted for eighteen months at Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin. The Occupational Therapists are fantastic, gentle, strong, and encouraging all at the same time.

With occupational therapy on a daily basis and visits with Dr. Olvey scheduled every two to three weeks, progress was slow in the beginning. However, being so well informed from a medical standpoint by the Doctor and OTs, realistic goals could be set. Over the course of time, functionality in my right arm was restored to 40%. I can write, play my guitar, and throw a ball, all things I was told I'd most likely never be able to do post-accident. Hard work is only a fraction of the recovery process. I feel fortunate to have had such a skilled group of people there to help with the long road back.
My name is Jessica and I have completed a three-month occupational therapy internship with Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin. It was an amazing rotation that offered more opportunities than I could have imagined. I am positive it will prove to be beneficial in my occupational therapy career.

The entire facility was exceptional. From the first day I felt welcomed, respected and wanted. I was able to shadow various departments allowing me to appreciate the uniqueness of this clinic. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. When I was curious, the team members were willing to meet my educational needs, and each therapist took time to give in-services in order to facilitate my learning.

This rotation challenged and matured my clinical, problem solving and decision-making skills. It was an extraordinarily rewarding experience. I will miss all aspects of the clinic including the beautiful outdoor ponds and wildlife, how the organization participates in the community, the patients and above all the staff.
Jessica M.
I noticed one night when shooting darts that I had little power in my right arm. That night a gentleman friend noticed my discomfort and asked me about the loss of power; he stated that I should see my doctor as it sounded like a rotator cuff problem. After seeing my primary doctor, he suggested therapy only. I went to therapy for weeks with no relief. After discussing my results with my doctor and not getting the results I was hoping for, I asked him to refer me to a different therapist at Hand to Shoulder Center which was recommended by my daughter-in-law, Roxanne who works in the patient services department at the facility. My first therapy visit with Michelle at Hand to Shoulder Center was interesting. She strongly suggested that I see one of the doctor’s at the Center, as she did not feel therapy was the answer for the condition I had. After seeing Dr. Van Zeeland at the Center and discussing my options, we decided to move ahead and schedule surgery for a rotator cuff tear. I was afraid of the pain from shoulder surgery since my sister-in-law and a friend had recently had shoulder surgery at a different facility and they still remain in pain! But I had to do something. I am so thrilled with my results and work that Dr. Van Zeeland performed. The surgery is weeks behind me and I have had NO pain, just a little discomfort. It’s just amazing. I have now referred my sister-in-law over to Dr. Van Zeeland to help her with her pain.
Carole Kositzke
I was a patient of Dr. Cherney. I came there for a cyst in the tip of my right hand. My sister Karen recommended Dr. Cherney. I also heard the doctor and the staff at Hand to Shoulder Center clinic were very good. I found that to be very true. He was very thorough and accurate, and Dr. Cherney has a great sense of humor, which I loved. He explained things very well. The surgery went excellent and the results turned out great; the doctor, the staff and all my therapists especially Connie, my main therapist gave me very good exercises that worked great. I have no more pain. I would surely recommend your doctors, staff and therapists to family and friends. If I ever need more medical care for my hand, arm or shoulder; I would come back to Dr. Cherney and the clinic.
Susan Bluma
I came for pain in my hand - had hand surgery and came to therapy there after. JoAnn has been wonderful with teaching and reassuring me - spent lots of time making me feel comfortable and teaching the do's and don'ts. Your therapy department is on of the Very Best - am very impressed. Thank you for the help in my recovery.
Ginny Wojtowski
My therapy at Hand to Shoulder Center continues to be a very positive experience for me. My therapists have been Theresa and Laurie and they have been absolutely wonderful with their calming reassurance in helping me achieve the goals that we have implemented for my severe wrist injury. They have been so patient with me and have answered any questions I have had promptly and are so encouraging at every appointment. It is very obvious everyone at this center is very passionate at what they do. It is a very friendly atmosphere and I actually look forward to my appointments. I have a ways to go but I know with the great care I am receiving, I am on my way to a pain free day from my hand injury. There are not enough words to express my thanks for everything. I have had the best here at Hand to Shoulder.
Judy Schnese
I visited Hand to Shoulder the last three months of 2016 for a grade three separated shoulder. I have great respect for Dr. Olvey and his decisions and guidance on my shoulder. I give the Physical Therapists, Ann and Karen, both an A+ for the work they did to get my shoulder back in shape and useable again! Everyone was friendly, caring, and provided great work! I would recommend Hand to Shoulder to family and friends.
I am offering this testimonial of my own free will. From the first phone call and visit everyone was absolutely caring -considerate-professional beyond believe. In today's fast society this quality of care is outstanding! I mean every person whom I've been in contact with have been excellent! From a get me in quick visit to having cancel a therapy appoint due to an emergency, this staff go above & beyond. Unfortunately , I've been in several different clinics/doctor/surgery facilities if there services were 1/2 as good as the Hand & Shoulder clinic they still couldn't surpass the service here. Even through it's hard to pick just 1 or 2 persons out There are a couple, I'd like to thank Dr.VanZeeland for his always explaining everything in detail about injury & recovery, you can tell he's a caring & compassionate doctor by his bedside manner. Also kudos's to my therapist Laurie Mohr so kind and personable, I will miss her. Always pushing NEVER pushy.

I've never had such outstanding service & caring KUDOS to you all.

Barb Fuhrmann
“In my lifetime, I have seen a lot of doctors for the many ailments I have faced. I can literally say; this medical practice is the best healthcare experience I have ever had. From the friendly faces to the upbeat personalities, to the humor yet professionalism of my physician, all aspects of this practice are top-notch. I felt warmth and comfort with expert care. I highly recommend Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin.”
Margaret G.