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Cash Pay Services

We understand that everyone’s insurance deductible, copayments, and coinsurance is unique. It can be less expensive to pay cash than to go through an insurance provider. For patients who want to pay directly for their care, we believe in price transparency.

Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin offers a cash payment option for those patients seeking to directly pay for care apart from an insurance plan. This service may benefit self-pay patients, self-insured employers, patients with out-of-network insurance coverage, and patients with high-deductible insurance plans.

Patients who elect to participate in the cash pay program are expected to continue cash payment for the entire course of treatment.  Payment is collected at the time of service. Insurance will not receive claims.  Special circumstances may occur, please contact financial services for further information

We offer cash-based affordable flat rates for physician visits and physical and occupational therapy. HSA and FSA payments are accepted. No referral needed.

Cash Pay Pricing

Physician Visits

  • $280 – New Patient Visit
  • $190 – Follow Up Visit
  • $100 – X-ray
  • $150 – Cast
  • $250 – Injection

**X-ray, cast, injection and/or over the counter splints are not included in the pricing for New Patient and Follow Up visit prices. Those prices will be paid in addition to the visit. 

Therapy Visits

  • $150 – 1 hour therapy visit

Please call 920.730.8833 and press “0”. Ask for Therapy or Physician Cash Pay Services and one of our representatives will assist you with information and making an appointment.