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The hand is a very delicate and complex extension of your arm. Its muscles and joints provide great flexibility and precise movements in our everyday routines. The hand is constructed of very thin bones, tendons, and ligaments right under the skin which makes it quite vulnerable to injuries. To learn more about hand injuries and conditions…  

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The wrist is a complex network of bones and joints; it provides great flexibility, allowing twisting, bending, extending, and side to side movements. It’s constructed with eight tiny bones known as the carpals and two larger forearm bones, the radius and ulna. The eight carpal bones are arranged in two rows, one on top of the other which allows for various movements. To learn more about wrist injuries and conditions…

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The elbow is a complex joint that allows rotation to the hand and forearm while providing the arm with the ability to extend and flex. It contains many nerves, ligaments and tendons that travel the length of the arm and extend into the hand and fingers. To learn more about elbow injuries and conditions….

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The shoulder region contains several joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments providing great stability and mobility to the arm. For this reason, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, making it vulnerable to common injuries and conditions. To learn more about shoulder injuries and conditions…

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The Experts

Seven fellowship-trained, board certified, orthopedic surgeons…[more]

Expert Knowledge From Shoulder to Fingertip

Welcome to the Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin. With a collective experience of over 110 years, the physicians at Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin have the knowledge and compassion to care and treat your upper extremity needs. They are dedicated to providing quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and unparalleled commitment to assure the very best outcome in shoulder to fingertip care.

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About 2 years ago I was referred to your facility with only some hope of finding out what was wrong with my hand. My hand stumped about 6 different doctors...
Jannie Boulanger
I can do all the things I thought I would never be able to do again... you have given me back my lifestyle
Diane E.
The team at Hand to Shoulder of Wisconsin has always provided excellent care for my occupational medicine patients. They understand the occupational medicine issues and keep patients as functional as...
Dr. Dumas
My experience coming to the Hand to Shoulder Center has been extremely positive for me. I had gone to other clinics that I thought were positive until I came here...
As an emergency physician at Theda Clark Emergency Department and Trauma Center I have had the pleasure of working with the physicians of Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin for...
Dr. Hugo
After an industrial work accident in which my right arm was amputated, I underwent approximately eighteen hours of surgery over the course of three days, in which time Dr. Scott...
My name is Jessica and I have completed a three-month occupational therapy internship with Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin. It was an amazing rotation that offered more opportunities than...
Jessica M.
I noticed one night when shooting darts that I had little power in my right arm. That night a gentleman friend noticed my discomfort and asked me about the loss...
Carole Kositzke
I struggled with the decision to have surgery because I am a pianist. I wasn’t sure how my playing would be affected post-surgery. What finally pushed me to proceed was...
Cyndee Giebler
I was a patient of Dr. Cherney. I came there for a cyst in the tip of my right hand. My sister Karen recommended Dr. Cherney. I also heard the...
Susan Bluma