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Pediatric Conditions

We manage all conditions affecting the upper extremity, including pediatric orthopedic conditions. When a child encounters an injury, debility or deformity, our physicians at Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin are here to treat your child’s condition with the utmost compassion and tenderness they deserve. Our orthopedic surgeons and expert rehabilitation team are committed to providing your child with advanced therapies, both surgical and non-surgical treatment options, for upper extremity trauma and congenital deformity while providing ease of mind to parents and patients alike.  

Some of the common pediatric conditions our specialists treat include fractures and sprains. In common and advanced congenital abnormalities, Drs. Lumsden, Olvey, Cullen,  Hildahl, and Munaretto treat conditions that may include syndactyly (webbing between the fingers), thumb deficiency and polydactyly (extra fingers or thumbs), and radial longitudinal deficiency (often referred to as club hand).

For more information on the pediatric care options we offer or to schedule a consultation with one of our orthopedic specialists, please contact us today.