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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain At Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin, our orthopedic staff understands shoulder pain and how important the right treatment can be for our patients. From helping you understand the shoulder to understanding shoulder pain and all treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, let… [read full article]

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Pain associated with this diagnosis is most commonly located on the outside area of the elbow. Sometimes this pain can radiate down into the forearm to the back of the hand. Patients may report that pain increases with bending the wrist forward and… [read full article]

Broken Fingers

Finger Fractures/Broken Fingers Fingers are made up of 14 small bones called phalanges (singular form: phalanx). When a finger is broken or cracked, one or more of the phalanges are affected. This is referred to as a finger fracture or broken finger.  At Hand to… [read full article]

Ganglion Cyst

Is it possible you have a Ganglion Cyst? A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled mass that lies beneath the skin near a joint or tendon. They can develop in any joint in the body but the most common occurrence of this tumor-like mass develops in the… [read full article]

Testimonial Thursday!

“Seriously, had the best, top of the line care, from Allison, Theresa ,Dr. Van Zeeland, Megan, anesthesia, and my whole surgical team today. This was my 3rd surgery(the first 2 from a different facility) and I was extremely nervous. The understanding and empathy from all… [read full article]

Best of the Valley

Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin is proud to announce that we are “Best of the Valley” for Physical Therapists/Sports Medicine Facility!! We are also finalists for General Doctors.  Thank you so much for all your community support.