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Work Comp Symposium Held at Bridgewood

“The Road to Recovery after Workplace Trauma” symposium was held last week at Bridgewood Conference Center in Neenah, Wisconsin with over 125 in attendance.  Thank you to all that attended.

Dr. Scott Olvey presents on “The Short and Long Haul of Trauma Recovery”.

The event focused on providing educational information and comprehensive treatment options designed around the dynamics of a team approach. Work-related injuries from fingertip to shoulder were presented and discussed. With the aid of case studies presented during the symposium, the physicians and therapists at Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin were able to provide valuable information and display their expertise in the recovery process of work-related injuries. Medical providers, RN’s, Work Comp case managers and adjusters, paramedics and occupational and physical therapists were in attendance.

The symposium hosted a full array of subjects, from Postoperative Pain Management in the Opioid Epidemic Era – Reducing Opioid Use to The Short vs. Long Haul of Trauma Recovery. Taping Techniques for Optimal Recovery and To the Point – Dry Needling treatment techniques were also presented.

Opening the afternoon session, Dr. Brad Grunert discussed the strategies often used to work through the Psychological Road Blocks for Returning to Work after workplace trauma. Dr. Matthew Butler continued with his presentation, The Role of Replantation in Work-Related Amputations Replantation, emphasizing on the decision to attach or not to reattach.

To conclude the day, Certified Hand Therapist, Theresa Parry presented Speed Bumps and Potholes: Rehab Challenges on the Road to Recovery.

Since 2006, Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin has provided Work Comp symposiums to share expert, clinical knowledge on work-related injuries. The goal is to provide medical professionals and employers with the most advanced training needed to provide quality upper extremity care to their patients/employees.

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