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7 Benefits to Attending a Preoperative Shoulder Class

If you and your surgeon decide shoulder surgery is needed, a date will be scheduled for your surgery. Prior to undergoing surgery, several things are necessary in preparing for the surgery. Specifics on the procedure are often researched and discussed with your surgeon. A physical examination with your primary care physician is required to ensure good health. In addition, postoperative care and the role of rehabilitation are often discussed.

Whether it’s a total shoulder replacement or reverse total shoulder replacement surgery, being prepared mentally and physically is essential: Preoperative knowledge is power.  At Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin, the orthopedic surgeons are committed to providing you with the best possible outcome in shoulder surgery. With the enrichment of this philosophy, our surgeons have gone one step further to assist you in the recovery process.

A preoperative shoulder class has been designed and is offered to patients to better prepare their mind and body for the surgical intervention. This class instructs and offers valuable benefits to facilitate a quicker and easier recovery process through knowledge and awareness.

The class is led by a licensed physical or occupational therapist at 2323 North Casaloma Drive, in Appleton, Wisconsin. It offers customized education and hands-on training to prepare you for postoperative challenges.

Also, by attending the class, you have the capability to utilize your biggest ally; a qualified and knowledgeable occupational or physical therapist.

Benefits of attending a preoperative shoulder class:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the difference between a regular total shoulder replacement and a reverse total shoulder replacement.
  2. Knowledge and understanding on the different outcome scenarios along with what to expect for motion and functional capabilities.
  3. Proper fitting and techniques of applying and removing your UltraSling are discussed.
  4. A rehabilitation plan will be explained to encourage a strong foundation for rapid recovery.
  5. Self-care tasks such as dressing and bathing are discussed.
  6. Things to avoid after surgery and how to prepare for postoperative time at home.
  7. Reduced stress and apprehension associated with the surgery, discharge and rehabilitation process.

The shoulder is a complex and sophisticated joint. Proper preparation and care prior to your surgery is an important factor in advancing your knowledge on the recovery process.

As a reference, we have included a brief preoperative video on the class offered by Joe Theisen, PT.


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