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Today, the GOLD CROWN goes to Dr. Van Zeeland!

What a great testimonial we received today. Thank you Jack for your sharing your stories.

My name is Jack Heinzl from Green Bay Wisconsin. I believe that my wife was the first right and left reverse shoulder replacement which was performed by Dr. VanZeeland in 2010 and 2011. He literally saved her life. She had horrible arthritis in both shoulders and the MRIs looked like a bomb went off to quote Dr. Van Zeeland. She had been in moderate to severe pain for years and within three months following each surgery with the assistance of physical therapy she had excellent range of motion and was free of pain. We could not have asked for better bedside manner and the ability to answer all questions.

In October 2016 I had a flu shot accident leaving me with a very sore arm and poor range of motion that had not significantly improved by August of 2017. My personal doctor in Green Bay referred me to Dr. Van Zeeland per my request.  Dr. Van Zeeland did x-rays that were negative and reassured me that this was probably tendinitis and that I could have a cortisone shot but only if this did not resolve by Christmas Of 2017.  It is finally slowly resolving and I anticipate a complete recovery by January of 2018.

What I like about him is his conservative approach, his sense of humor, his patient willingness to answer questions and his competency as well as reassurance that I would probably have complete use of my arm. I could not be happier with your entire hand and shoulder clinic including Dr. Van Zeeland.

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