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Heartfelt …I love the Pretty Woman comment!

“Too often we fail to recognize the good things that happen to us on a daily basis. I am hoping the staff gets a little smile from this feedback.

Hello my name is T. Vosters

Last week Thursday I brought my son Ben in for an x-ray and new cast. During the examination I discovered he was going to transition to a splint and that it would take an additional 45 minutes to do that. I thought we would be out of there around 4 but the splint appointment was scheduled at 4:20 PM. Like most folks with kids we have a lot of things going on. That afternoon I was also scheduled to support concessions for our freshman football team and I knew it was going to be tight. The timing was tight for what I was planning for this visit and now with the new news of a splint, I would likely miss my entire commitment with the football team. Be aware this was all my fault. When I looked at my appointment sheet it clearly showed we had two appointments at your office.  I was extremely frustrated with myself. As I sat and stewed about the situation I thought I would give it a shot to ask the receptionist back in the rehab area for some help.

I approached one of the receptionists and explained my situation. She simply shared that she would see what she could do. As a frustrated guy that night I naturally assumed little could be done. Less than 5 minutes later she introduced Ben and I to a therapist and mentioned that she was willing to stay past her shift to help us out until our actual scheduled therapist could step in. A few minutes later the second therapist showed up and they both continued to help. One with the splint the other carefully sharing and walking Ben through therapy and developing a home stretching exercise plan. To put this over the top the other receptionist that was located in that area came to me to schedule the next appointment. She came to us once to get some preliminary information and then returned with a scheduled date and a printout of the appointment. I told all four ladies that this customer service reminded me of the movie Pretty Women when Julia Roberts was being pampered in that fancy clothing store. There was no reason to help us out that much. It was totally my fault but these 4 ladies did and they totally rocked it. I owe them big.

Ben and I made it to the freshman game just before half which was great timing as it got really busy so we could reduce the load on the other volunteers. Without your help we would have totally missed the obligation.

Thanks so much from Tom and Ben.

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