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Mentoring students arrive

Each year our physicians give of their time to mentor high school and college students. This year, as part of the OSI Mentoring Program, six high school students from various communities have been awarded to mentor at our facilities.

As the program is well into its first month of placement, our first student, Brooke comes to us from Kaukauna High School. She spent two days shadowing Dr. Butler. She participated in his clinical appointments, and then adventured on to spend a day in surgery with him at Woodland Surgery Center.

Brooke has a strong interest in advancing her future education in the orthopedic, anesthesiology, or radiology field and thoroughly enjoyed her time with Dr. Butler, the x-ray techs, nurses, and surgical team.

Our second student, Edgar is from Appleton West High School. Edgar has a strong interest in becoming an orthopedic surgeon, physiatrist, or anesthesiologist. Edgar spent his clinical day being mentored by Dr. Jon Cherney. He had a chance to view a trigger finger release procedure, along with spending time with the patients, x-ray techs, and therapists. The following day he observed a full day of scheduled surgeries at Woodland Surgery Center with the doctor.

Edgar and Brooke both totally enjoyed themselves and show strong and motivating interest in the medical field! Stay tuned for our next four students to arrive…


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