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Day of Orthopedic Surgery

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Before Your Surgery Day Of Surgery After Your Surgery
  • Leave all valuables including jewelry, money, credit cards, checkbooks, etc. at home.
  • Remove rings and jewelry from both hands.
  • Do not wear any cosmetics to the surgery center (e.g. lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and nail polish).
  • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring the storage case and all care and use items with you.
  • Medications: refer to Pre-op Orders as instructed by your surgeon’s nurse unless instructed differently by your primary care doctor.
  • If using an inhaler and/or insulin, please bring it along with you to surgery.
  • Please shower or bathe the evening before or the morning of surgery.
  • You may brush your teeth but be careful not to swallow any water or toothpaste.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.