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One to Four Weeks Before Surgery

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Before Your Surgery Day Of Surgery After Your Surgery
  • A Pre-Surgical History and Physical Examination (H&P) may be requested to be performed by your primary doctor. The H&P must be done within 30 days of surgery or as recommended by your surgeon’s nurse.
  • Verify your insurance carrier has approved your surgery. If you are not sure, call your insurance company or check with your surgeon’s office.
  • Please call your surgeon if you develop any of the following prior to surgery:
    • A cold, sore throat, fever, flu, or another illness
    • A cut, scrape, rash, or skin condition that occurs near the site of surgery
  • If you are taking aspirin, ibuprofen, Coumadin or another blood thinner, or vitamins or herbs, you will be given instructions by your surgeon or primary care doctor regarding these medications prior to surgery.
  • Do not schedule dental procedures or a colonoscopy for at least 2 weeks prior to or after your surgery date.