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Archives: November 2019

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The ABCs of ASCs

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), often referred to as outpatient surgery centers or same day surgery centers are medical facilities designed and equipped to perform surgical procedures not requiring overnight hospital stays. They were established in 1970 when two physicians in Phoenix, Arizona saw a need… [read full article]

Follow-up on Press Release

On Wednesday, November 6th, in a joint ceremony, Hand to Shoulder Center, ThedaCare and Neuroscience Group proudly announced the development of an Orthopedic, Spine and Pain facility at the ThedaCare Encircle Campus. The surgeons at the Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin would like to… [read full article]

Cold Hands

Do your hands often feel cold even when you’re not in a cold environment? What causes this and is it normal? Should I be concerned? Cold hands are common. It is your body’s natural response in regulating your body temperature; however, if cold hands are… [read full article]