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Sharing a testimonial…

Shortly after I fractured my left elbow in a fall on 5/18/17, I was referred to the Hand To Shoulder Center of Wisconsin by Dr. Clay Canaday, an orthopedic physician.

Once the Shoulder Center was referred to me, the center wasted NO time in calling me! Krista, Dr. Cullen’s nurse, immediately arranged for me to have a CT scan to supplement the x-rays taken in the emergency room on 5/18.  Krista and the billing staff were able to cut through all of the red tape with my insurance company PRONTO, and my CT scan was approved for the following week, on Monday, 5/22!  To put this in perspective, Shawano Medical Center had said the CT scan approval could take up to two weeks!

Once the CT was read, my surgery was scheduled for the following Thursday, 5/18 in at Theda Clark in Neenah, WI.

My neighbor across the street from me drove me to the hospital that morning, and I was full of trepidation! But as soon as I was prepped for surgery, Dr. Cullen quickly allayed all of my fears with his fantastic bedside manner and by answering all of my questions!

I then saw the anesthesiologist, who explained I would get a nerve block via a shot.

After the 1 and ½ hour surgery, I saw Dr. Cullen again in recovery, and I told him that he had about the BEST bedside manner that I had EVER seen in any physician! And that’s really saying something, since I have had 3 bouts with uterine sarcoma and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, plus many, many other doctor visits in my life!

A day after my surgery, I had a pressing concern late at night, and Dr. Cullen called me back within MINUTES! I was so impressed and grateful.

My next visit with Dr. Cullen was on 6/5, and at that time I was given an x-ray and saw the 2 large screws that had been inserted to repair my fractured capitellum.

The office was very clean, and everyone was very professional and courteous. They even have free coffee for patients, family and guests!

Then, I also had the great fortune to be assigned to a wonderful CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) named Maureen. It turned out that we had a LOT in common, as she had once wanted to work in pottery.  I also found out that she and I had both lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1970s!

Maureen made a perfectly fitting splint for me after I was carefully measured with a protractor to determine the percentages of motion I had with my left arm as compared with my uninjured right one. We went through various exercise and she gave me a print out of them to perform 4 times per day at home, with 10 reps each.

I just CAN’T say enough about Dr. Cullen, his nurse and the entire staff at Hand To Shoulder Center of Wisconsin!

I feel very lucky to have been referred there and to have received top-notch medical treatment!

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