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Postoperative Cast/Splint Care

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Before Your Surgery Day Of Surgery After Your Surgery

You have been fitted with a cast or splint to protect your bone or injury and to reduce pain as you heal. It is important to care for your cast or splint to help minimize the risk of potential complications.

  • Do not remove your surgical dressing or splint. The dressing/splint will be removed at your first office visit at Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin or your first occupational or physical therapy appointment, whichever comes first. In many cases your therapist will make you a new splint to replace the splint applied after surgery.
  • Unless instructed by your orthopedic physician, it is important that you wear the splint at all times except during physical therapy or for hygiene.
  • If your splint or surgical dressing becomes soiled, wet, or ill-fitting, please call and schedule an appointment to have it checked.