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Laura M. Lundgren, PA-C

Laura M. Lundgren, PA-C, is a highly skilled and certified Physician Assistant with extensive training and experience in orthopedics. With a passion for patient care and a compassionate approach, she is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical support and assistance

In the operating room, she plays a crucial role in assisting Dr. Hildahl during orthopedic procedures. Her expertise and attention to detail ensure that surgeries run smoothly and efficiently, ultimately contributing to positive patient outcomes. Beyond the operating room, Laura also excels in the clinic setting. She is adept at evaluating patients, diagnosing conditions, and providing comprehensive care. Her ability to listen attentively and empathize with patients allows her to develop strong relationships built on trust and understanding.

Laura is an invaluable asset to the Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin team,  bringing her expertise, compassion, and dedication to every aspect of her work. Her commitment to delivering exceptional care makes her a trusted healthcare professional who truly makes a difference in all the lives of her patients.

Laura M. Lundgren is a 2009 graduate from Marquette University.  She is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA), and is a member of the following professional organizations:

Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants